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In 2001 Jim Cox decided to start a Vintage Racing Club in the Kansas City area. He recruited some racers to bring back some nostalgic racing. Jim and a few friends, built some cars from a simple set of rules, got some tracks to let us race and bring back some racing memories of days gone by.The purpose of this club is to bring back some Nostalgia to racing and cars that are identifiable and to show people what their dads and grandfathers used to race.  It also gives some seasoned drivers a chance to get behind the wheel again. Guess you could call it the last Hurrah Club.

racing on midwest dirt track close to you 

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SMVR Officers 

President - Mickey Fleehart (816) 419-9905
Vice President - Jeremy Turner
Secretary - Christy
Treasurer - Mike McDowell
Tech-Man - Louie Clevenger (816) 452-7253