In 2001 Jim Cox decided to start a Vintage Racing Club in the Kansas City area. He recruited some racers to bring back some nostalgic racing. Jim and a few friends, built some cars from a simple set of rules, got some tracks to let us race and bring back some racing memories of days gone by.The purpose of this club is to bring back some Nostalgia to racing and cars that are identifiable and to show people what their dads and grandfathers used to race.  It also gives some seasoned drivers a chance to get behind the wheel again. Guess you could call it the last Hurrah Club.

Brian Strong
Car # 711

1933 Ford owned by his father Spark Strong.

Brian started racing in 1994 with Old Time Racing of Oregon Club and OTRA of Canada. He also raced in State line Idaho in 1997. In 2003 his father gave  him his 1933 Ford. He has been with SMVR since 2003.

Shirley Nelson (Driver)
Car # 4J

Kenny Price
Car # 11

Desoto, KS
Restored - 1954 Studebaker Coupe
350 Engine

Jeremy Turner
Car #11

Vice President of Show Me Vintage Racing

​Started racing at I-35 Speedway in 2010 with the front wheel drive Hornets, then Street Stocks and IMCA Hobby Stocks. In 2016 he joined SMVR.

He owns Turner Automotive in St. Joseph, MO. 

Ray Hughes (Driver)
Car # 55

John Steenstry

​Car # 22

Larry Schome

Austin Johnson (Driver)
Car # 30

Jim Clevenger (Driver)
Car # 76

​​Olathe, KS
Started Racing: 1971 at the old Lakeside Speedway, Kansas City, KS, Semi-Stock - most Improved Driver 1973 and Pony Stock - most Improved Driver in 1991 at I-70.
About Jim: Born in Richmond, MO on March 5, 1941 and graduated at Excelsior Springs High School in 1959.  He moved to Olathe, KS in 1962 and worked at Smith & Loveless, Inc for 40 years and retired in 2003.  Jim has raced in every decade since 1971.  He has always raced Fords.  He has raced at the old Lakeside, Riverside, Shawnee, Topeka, New Lakeside and a lot of other tracks in the midwest.

Mike McDowell
Car #24

Linwood, KS
1955 Chevy Belair 
355 Engine
Started Racing:  2007
About Mike:  Mike started helping his buddy, Ron Lutes, with Vintage Cars in 2004.  Then he got the bug and bought this car from Ron Newberry, a member of the club at that time.  Totaled it first year out and spent two years rebuilding it, with his good friend, Kenny Price.  Thanks Kenny, couldn't have done it without you.  Now he's just out having fun and 

Leroy Holler

Car #29

Owner of Holler's Hot Rods & Race Cars
About Leroy:  Been racing 15 years, 4 Vintage Cars.  He has raced USAC, Midgets, MLRA Latemodels, Outlaw Sprints, and Stock cars. He has won 280 plus features. He is in the KC Race Car Hall of Fame and a member of CARB Hall of Fame

Steve Hughes
Car # 01

​Dan Chevalier
Car #44

Belton, MO
1936 Pontiac Coupe
350 Engine
Started Racing:  In 1978 Street Stocks for one year.
About Dan:  After a few years off, started again in 1985 and 1986 in both Street Stocks and Modifieds.  Another few years off and started racing in various Sprint Car classes until 2005.  Since 2005, have raced a few Sprint Races and SMVR Races.

Mickey Fleehart
Car # 7

Odessa, MO
Replica - 1941 Ford Coupe 
355 Engine
Started Racing: 1969 (Street)
About Mickey: Mickey was born in Beloit, Wisconsin in 1951.  He drag raced in the early 1970's and got on an oval track pit crew in 1974-78.  Mickey raced at Rockford Speedway from 1979-85 with Late Models and 4 Cylinder Cars.  He helped form SMVR club with Jim Cox in 2000.  Aside from the car above, Mickey also races his B Modified since 2007.  He likes racing vintage cars the best.  "The racing's great and the friendships are even better!"

Dave Baldwin
Car # 4

​1968 Mustang

Elmer Gerloff

Car # 34

​1957 Chevy

Allen Guthrie
Car #21

Raymore, MO
1963 Ford Fairlane
Started Racing:  In at Godfrey, ILL. when he wae 22 years old and Pure Stocks in 1968.
He has races in 8 different states and over 100 different racetracks. He raced 1 year on asphalt at I-70. He has raced Pure Stock,  Street Stock, Super Stock, Late Models, Super Modifieds, 4 cycl. front wheel drive and Vintage Cars!

​He has won 3 championships and 1 Corn Huskers Vintage. He has over 50 years of racing!

racing on midwest dirt track close to you 

Mickey Fleehart (Driver)
Car #


Louie Clevenger (Owner)
Damon Clevenger (Driver)
Car # 6

​Parkville, MO
1956 Ford Fairlane
355 Engine
Started Racing:  12 years old - Go Karts
About Damon:  In 1995 raced Pony Stocks at Lakeside and I-70.  Won Track Champion at I-70 in 2001 and raced Super Trucks until I-70 closed in 2008

Mickey Fleehart (Driver)
Car #

68 Chevelle

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